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Wolftrekking is a site about my three passions; Inbound Marketing, Travel and great Service. 

Here I share my own experiences from years of travel, my marketing experience gained from consulting with business around the globe and in the startup space.There may be an occasional rant, an opion you may not agree with or you may want to add to the conversation. At any time, feel free to leave comments on posts or get in touch! 

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I'm a marketer at heart and have been now for over 10 years. My experience started in event management and turned quickly to digital and inbound marketing. Being half German / half Irish gives me laid back efficiency but when it comes to service, I don't like doing things by half or receiving lack-lusture service. I believe in creating experiences, in my work and my personal life. Nothing comes close to expanding your mind like travel, so I try and do as much as I can. 

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